In 2013, Zach Sobiech's story was featured in an episode of the web documentary series, "My Last Days".  When Shereen saw Zach's reaction to receiving his dream car for the week, she knew immediately that she wanted to recreate this overwhelming sense of happiness for as many children as possible.  After the diagnosis of neuroblastoma in her nephew, Zein Youssef, Shereen was determined to help kids going through similar battles.  Radwa, Shereen's sister-in-law, and the mother of Zein, was immediately in!  Their dear friend, Kristen Kolacek, had been involved with helping other non-profits for years, but was thrilled at the opportunity to begin this non-profit with Shereen and Radwa.  

The support of the community for Create A Smile has been overwhelming, and the women have had the opportunity to help spread smiles to a lot of children.  At only a little over three years old, Create A Smile is making a mark on the non-profit world, and, more importantly, helping children all over Southern California.